Exploring the Edges of the Empire

Long Arm of the Hutt

The smugglers have successfully left the surface of Tatooine in their newly acquired YT-1300 the Krayt Fang. Blasting off to escape a squad of heavily armed Storm Troopers, the adventures encountered two squads of TIE fighters in orbit around Tatooine.

The adventurers quickly took their positions aboard the unexplored ship. Fix quick fixed Kay-Dee’s crippled droid leg and the HRMI. Kay-Dee and Eh manned the two laser batteries, and ibsk navigated the ship in orbit.

After suffering severe damage, and despite some pretty poor Gunnery skills, let’s be honest, it was Kay-Dee, the Krayt Fang was able to destroy most of the TIEs and escape the remaining ones. No sooner had the party jumped to Hyperspace when their ship dropped out of FTL travel on the edge of the Tatooine system.

As this was happening, the party encountered another adventurer on board! What are the chances! Miko, a vicious Gank Soldier was also captured by Trex and was bound on the ship before escaping and encountering Trex’s body and her compatriots. Introductions were brief but helpful.

Music blaring, sirens sounding, pungent odors abounding, the Krayt Fang was in bad shape. ibsk was able to shut off the music and sirens as well as determine the ship had a homing beacon on its hull, planted by Teemo’s associates no less. Kay-Dee made an effort to spacewalk to the beacon but was not able to get a good grip on the hull of the ship.

Eh was able to locate the source of the stench, one of the cargo holds, but was not able to find the hidden wookie pelts in a smuggling compartment before he managed to accidentally lock himself in the hold. Unbeknownst to any of the other adventurers, Eh did acquire some unknown pendant.

Miko lead the adventurers to another captive on the ship, an older Twi’lek, B’ura B’an. Captured by Trex on Ryloth, he angered Trex’s associates, perhaps Teemo, by organizing other Twi’leks to stand up to the outside intervention in their Ryll mines at New Meen. Seeking the groups assistance, the party decided to head to Ryloth to drop off B’ura B’an, get their ship repaired and see what help he needs.

No sooner had the Krayt Fang drop out of Hyperspace at Ryloth when it was attacked by an unknown Dunelizard star fighter. With much more success, the adventurers were able to down this vessel and dock safely at Nabat, a city on Ryloth near the mines of New Meen.

Heading to meet B’ura B’an’s contacts, all but ibsk have venured into Nabat. ibsk, meanwhile, has stayed behind to work on Astromech droid components located by Miko in a makeshift workshop and oversee the ship repairs on the Krayt Fang.


Apparently Leenik didn’t accomplish much this session. Aside from doing the dishes, of course.

Long Arm of the Hutt

Well, we cannot have that! Did Fix fix the door or was the ibsk? I cannot remember.

Updated the log a little!

Long Arm of the Hutt
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