Exploring the Edges of the Empire

The Mines of New Meen

The Plight of the Twi'leks

The PC’s begin this adventure in Nabat, Ryloth, a moderately sized but poor spaceport city. B’ura B’an leads the group to his fellow freedom fighters were the PC’s rest. Kay-Dee has a programming issue and shuts down for a day. ibsk chooses to stay behind on the Krayt Fang and oversee the repairs. He manages to complete work on the Astromech Droid that was in pieces on the Krayt Fang.

The other three adventurers, Miko, Fix, and Eh are asked by Nyn, a female Twi’lek who is a leader in the Free and Independent Ryloth movement to escort B’ura B’an back to his mining village New Meen. New Meen is a small, but profitable mine that has fallen on hard times, mainly due to outside influence. Nyn promises the PC’s a cut of the mines Ryll in return for solving any issues that arise there.

The adventurers agree and set out the following morning towards New Meen by landspeeder. After a bumpy ride through the treacherous terrain, the speeder containing Eh, Miko, Fix, and B’ura is shot mid-flight by a Gand with a Blaster Rifle. Fix, the least agile and strong of the group, is thrown from the speeder and suffers significant wounds.

The Gand and two of his allies identify themselves as Imperial Agents and demand that the group surrender. The PC’s agree to lay down their weapons only to pick them up as the two other bounty hunters move in to bind them. A firefight ensues!

Both Eh and Miko score solid hits on the two bounty hunters who tried to bind them. They kill one of them and manage to disarm the other by hitting his Heavy Blaster Pistol with their Carbines. The Gand is also a good shot, even from long range, and hits Eh, winding him in the process. This forces Miko to make a valiant, lone, charge towards the Gand in his entrenched position. She successful crosses the distance and kills him without suffering serious injury. Fix is about to charge when the killing blow is dealt.

The lone bounty hunter still alive, retreats, unbeknownst to him, into a Lylek den. The Lylek stirs and the PC’s coerce him into surrendering before he is eaten alive. He leads the PCs to their speeder as well as informs them that Thwheek relayed the location of the group for ambush.

After looting the bodies, Fix repairs the landspeeder. The party, with the captive arrive in New Meen to a warm welcome. They are quickly informed that Angu Drombb has been looting, committing arson, and making mining unsafe in New Meen. Angu appears to be working for Teemo and is making life very difficult for the struggling miners.

The PC’s decide to alleviate this situation. Miko is sent in to scout Angu’s camp. Before being thrown out, she learns there are eight Aqualish thugs guarding this primitive camp. Hatching a plan to blow up the Cantina with Angu and most of the thugs inside, the PC’s retrieve mining explosive and two Twi’lek volunteers from New Meen.

The PC’s then attempt to sneak back to the Cantina without being seen to plant the explosives and steal two idle speeders. Needless to say, this does not go as planned; they are almost spotted by the Aqualish guards. However, the PC’s use the Twi’leks as a distraction (who do get injured in the process) and Miko manages, after an unsuccessful attempt to plan the charges, throw them on to the roof of the Cantina and run. Fix also manages to hot-wire a speeder, and picks up Eh and Miko in preparation for a quick get-away.

In a stroke of luck, the charges go off, leveling the building and killing everyone near by, Angu and his thugs included. The PC’s mop up the rest of the Aqualish thugs and provide medical attention to the wounded Twi’leks. They search Angu’s office and learn that Thwheek has been communicating with Angu about an individual named Sivor.

Returning to New Meen as victors, B’ura B’an pledges to give the PC’s a cut of the Ryll mine production and informs them that their captive has escaped! The captive, not a smart man, returns to the Lylek den and proceeds to be eaten by the beast.

The PC’s return to Nabat, richer, better equipped, with a few speeders!


Poor, stupid Bindy. He was the worst captive ever. I already miss him.

The Mines of New Meen

He really was the worst. I’m glad that he eliminated himself before we were trapped on a ship with him though. Imagine how much damage he would do in enclosed quarters.

Also, I don’t think I necessarily needed it with rolling triumphs on med checks, but help to remind me that I’m now a surgeon and everyone gets +1 wound healing on my med checks. I definitely didn’t pay attention to this Friday night.

The Mines of New Meen
mdeverson mdeverson

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