B'ura B'an

An old, frail Twi'lek leader


B’ura B’an is a thin, frail, old Twi’lek male with a bluish skin. His left head tail has been cut off. Working to organize Twi’leks in resistance to Teemo’s efforts to seize the Ryll mines at New Meen, he was captured by Trex and found on the Krayt Fang by the party.

He has repaired and refueled the Krayt Fang in return for being taken to his contacts in Nabat. Likewise, after the Adventurers freed New Meen from the Angu Drombb mess, he has offered the PC’s a Homestead in New Meen.

He also works closely with Nyn Kablo


B'ura B'an

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