Exploring the Edges of the Empire

Escape from Mos Shutta

EotE Beginner Game

On the desert world of Tatooine, a group of renegades have found themselves on the run from the local crime boss, TEEMO THE HUTT. Trapped in Mos Shutta, the renegades decide to steal a freighter from one of Teemo’s associates and flee.

After escaping from Teemo’s palace, the renegades run in to a local cantina, owned by Yelon the Devaronian. A brawl ensues when four Gamorrean thugs, sent by Teemo, pursue them into The Oasis (the cantina’s name). The Gamorreans are dispatched but The Oasis is shot up in the process. Likewise, Yelon catches Eh attempting to steal whiskey, which further angers Yelon. The PC’s should tread carefully in The Oasis in the future.

The renegade party then heads to Vorn’s Junk Shop and persuades Vorn to sell them his only Hypermatter Reactor Initiator. Vorn agrees because he has heard of Fix’s father and believes the PCs are helping Trex repair his ship. Eh proceeds to wander around the shop, breaking an important droid component, costing the PC’s extra money.

The PCs proceed to the Spaceport Control where ibsk, because of his previous work in the region, convinces Overseer Brynn (who he has communicated with before) to unlock the docking clamps on the Krayt Fang, Trex’s YT-1300 light freighter.

On the way to the docking bay, two groups of Storm Troopers spot the renegade group. It is unclear why the Storm Troopers where pursuing the renegades in the first place; their beef was with Teemo not the Empire. Eh has the brilliant idea to shoot at the main water tower in town. This does not have any effect on the tower but does cause significant commotion, allowing the PC’s to escape undetected.

At the Aurek Landing Bay, the PC’s encounter Trex. They show him the part and attempt to gain access to install it. Trex, seeing straight through their deception, orders his droids to apprehend them. A large shootout ensues!

Kay-Dee shoots a pair of fuel tanks near some droids igniting them, destroying the droid pair, and causing minor hull damage to the Krayt Fang. ibsk does not fair so well and is shoot in the left leg by a security droid crippling his Mon Calimari frame. Luckly, Fix is able to assist in medical treatment and bandage the leg appropriately, preventing any long term injury. Eh skillfully destroys the other droids with his Carbine.

Kay-Dee then charges up the boarding ramp to engage Trex only to be disarmed by a well placed blaster bolt. Not hindered, the droid runs up to Trex and detonates a stun grenade. Trex, very strained by this, retreats into the engineering bay and cripples Kay Dee in the right leg with a well placed blaster bolt (apparently, Trex is an excellent shot, something the PC’s did not consider prior to the engagement).

Finally, Fix and Eh run up the ramp and deal the final blow to Trex before ibsk assumed control of the cockpit. At just this moment, a group of 4-6 Storm Troopers charge into the hanger and begin setting up large anti-ship guns. ibsk, sensing the danger, lifts off and navigates the ship out of the bay into the Tatooine atmosphere.


Lesson #1: You CAN have too many mechanics in your team.

Escape from Mos Shutta

Says the droid with his leg almost blown off….

Escape from Mos Shutta

And who previously had his arm nearly broken off…

Escape from Mos Shutta
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