Exploring the Edges of the Empire

Teemo's Palace

The Disaster Infiltration

In this adventure, the PC’s attempted to break in to Teemo’s palace, figure out a way to eliminate the bounty on their heads, and steal an Ardos Disk (per Ota’s request). Their plan failed miserably.

After returning from New Meen, the PC’s were introduced to Ota. The Bothan told the PC’s that his employer wanted an Ardos Disk that Teemo had. He also showed the PC’s a holomessage of Teemo placing a 50000 Credit bounty on the parties head. Not a good sign!

The PC’s agreed to help Ota, and hopefully resolve the bounty issue at the same time. Ota informed them of a Geonosian arms dealer who hired a freighter to deliver some weapons to Teemo that was leaving from a local landing bay.

The group talking with Ota met with ibsk while Eh went back to the Krayt Fang and slept off his drunkenness with the new R3-P41 unit that ibsk completed. ibsk, Fix, Kay-Dee, and Miko were able to convince Duke Piddock, the Genosian to allow them access to the freighter by informing him of Sivor’s fate and some of Teemo’s other operations. Very upset by these revelations, Piddock was happy to help the PC’s in their mission against the Hutt.

The freighter, the Lucky Guess, was piloted by Wex and Orpa Vio. They flew, without incident to Mos Shutta, leaving just in time to evade another group of bounty hunters searching for the PC’s. Investigating the cargo on the Lucky Guess, the PC’s discovered illegal B1 Battle Droid parts and schematics. Fix managed to rewire one of the droids to crazily attack anything and everything nearby once it is powered on.

Upon landing, Fix, Kay-Dee, and Miko hid in cargo containers while ibsk attempted to disguise himself. Surprisingly, the first group of Gamorreans sent to unload the cargo recognized ibsk as the Mon Calamari with the large bounty on his head. A firefight ensued where all the PC’s revealed their locations but were able to subdue the three Gamorreans.

However, when the Gamorreans did not report in, suspicion was raised and the PC’s encountered a larger party of bounty hunters and Gamorreans on the landing pad. Here, things turned ugly. One by one, the PC’s were incapacitated until in a last ditch effort, Fix threw a Thermal Detonator in the Workshop, which was attached to the Landing Pad. This killed a large group of Teemo’s henchmen but also incapacitated Fix.

ibsk attempted to flee on a Swoop Bike that was near by but the bike was blown up by Teemo’s laser cannon before he could escape. This sent ibsk flying, knocking him out on impact.

During this period, Miko kept sending and receiving mysterious messages…

Fix woke up in the Gladiator Cells in Teemo’s Palace, bound, next to his compatriots, who were still unconscious. He also noticed a male Gank and female Human in another cell.

Meanwhile, Eh and P41 are flying towards Mos Shutta unaware of the danger that awaits them!


I wonder if eh has programed P41 to make him drinks yet.

Teemo's Palace

Haha, I’m sure he’s tried…

Teemo's Palace

Luckily, getting captured was definitely our plan from the get go. Totally.

Teemo's Palace

Yes, the disguises were so that we could sneak into Teemo’s prison cells unnoticed.

Teemo's Palace

Well, at least to have him throw us in his prison without knowing that’s exactly what we wanted from the start. Granted, we probably should have gone with better disguises than the fake glasses/nose/mustache.

Teemo's Palace

Or a better plan; just throwing that out there….

Teemo's Palace
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