Exploring the Edges of the Empire

Escaping Teemo's Grasp

Breaking Out of Captivity

The PC’s wake up in Teemo’s Gladiator Cells, held along side a Human female and Gank male. Within minutes of waking up, Fix and ibsk remove the binders from themselves and those around them. The human female, clearly shy, scared, and intimidated by Kay-Dee, does not speak up and follows the PC’s through their prison break.

The Gank on the other hand acts differently. Clearly showing signs of recognizing Miko, he agrees to help the PC"s escape the prison, provides a key to the Gladiator Cells everyone is being held, and wants to be taken to the Chardaan system. The Gank, named Tarik, then kills the Gamorrean guard in the room with relative ease.

Miko and Tarik attempt to sneak into the main entryway but Tarik is spotted in the process. A fight ensues! The pair of Ganks manage to dispatch the pair of Gamorreans guarding the entry way but not before Tarik suffers some wounds and Miko loses her left arm to a well placed Vibro-Ax cleave.

The rest of the PC’s, along with the unknown woman sneak into Teemo’s Communication Hub. At IG-88’s request, Fix disables the Protocol droid working in the Hub rather then destroying him.

Meanwhile, Eh has arrive at Mos Shutta. He goes to a local trade shop to buy explosives but is instead sent by Re’lan to meet a black market weapons dealer in the Shanty town. He finds the dealer and purchases some grenades to aid in the escape.

In the Hub, ibsk and Fix manage to hack the computers, transfer 88000 Credits to their accounts (out of Teemo’s), and open a hidden safe containing two Ardos Disks. Meanwhile, armed guards are surrounding the Hub. Kay-Dee and Miko attempt to clear an exit route. Kay-Dee rushs to two guards and is incapacitated. Miko eliminates the guards and revives Kay-Dee. Fix manages to look the doors to the hub but the Gamorreans just cut their way through with Vibro-Ax’s.

Eh attempts to sneak onto the landing pad and even though he is spotted initially, a hasty retreat gets him out of trouble. Once the guards are occupied with the fight inside, he manages to get to the pad and deactivate the Laser Cannon. P41 then lands the Krayt Fang which Eh boards and mans a turret.

Using the turret’s firepower, Eh attempts to kill Teemo. His first shots are way off bases and collapse the doorway by the landing pad. After firing multiple more shots into the rubble, Eh manages to clear the doorway again. In response, Thwheek heads outside in an attempt to board the ship. P41 successfully lifts off while Eh kills Thwheek.

Eh then returns to firing at Teemo and manages to kill him but overload the lower turret in the process. With Teemo dead, most of the guards run and the party is able to escape to the landing pad with much resistance.

As they are leaving, they notices dozens of Storm Troopers attempting to enter Teemo’s palace. It seems Teemo called for backup…

The party flies over Mos Shutta with Tarik and the Unknown Woman on board. They are richer, have lowered their Obligation, obtained the Ardos Disks, and suffered serious injuries.


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